Monday, April 11, 2011

Which SVN client in Eclipse

Everytime I (re)install Eclipse, I need to remind myself which svn client should I choose. Basically there are 2 popular svn plugins in Eclipse: subclipse and subversive. Some people said that subversive has more features and handier (e.g. for merging). But when I used subversive I noticed that I couldn't use other svn client (e.g. subclipse, tortoise) nor other versions of the subversive. Because of this compatibility issue, I chose to use subclipse.

Update Sep 2011:
I used subversive since by default subclipse uses javahl (to connect to svn) which has problem with 64bit OS. I can use also svnkit instead of javahl but I don't have time now for work arounds.

Which svn client do you prefer to use? Please share in the comments.

The motivation for this note
Following a suggestion in the "97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know" that I should note my rationale so I don't have to redo research again every time I have to make similar decisions.

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