Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choosing open source / free Scrum tools

I would like to have a free Scrum tool which have these features for planning & progress reporting:
• virtual task board (to show which user stories in the current sprint / sprint plan, release plan)
• burndown chart
• backlog (prioritized list of user stories)
• velocity chart
• Gantt chart / iteration timeline

I found at least 2 tools that fulfill those criteria:
• Icescrum
• Agilo
Agilo has a better documentation than Icescrum and also offers integration with trac & svn, but you need to pay for Pro license for using the virtual board (& many other handy functions), about 800 euros for 10 users/year. So finally I decide to use the Icescrum instead. Icescrum is just a web application (a war file) that you can install for example in Tomcat. You can testdrive the icescrum here:

Some screenshots from

Burndown chart & activities

Virtual task board: release plan /sprint plan

Which agile/scrum tools/project management tools do you use? What are the advantages/disadvantages of those tools? Please write your comments.

Source: Steve's blog


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