Saturday, January 14, 2012

Asynchronous web service using Oracle OSB

In his blog, Edwin Biemond described how to build a Oracle OSB adapter, basically it's a web service  (http) that wraps jms-based asynchronous services (you can implement the async jms service for example using Message Driven Beans MDB, jms-based Java code, Oracle SOA suite or with OSB jms proxy).

• in de web service (http) request headers include the ws-addressing wsa:MessageID (so that the recepient of the callback can correlate the callback reply message with the request message) and wsa:ReplyTo/wsa:Address (so that the asyn service knows to which url it has to send the callback reply)
• In the jms message, include de CorrelationID to convey the value from wsa:MessageID, and replyURL from wsa:ReplyTo/wsa:Address.
• in the web service (http) callback reply headers include ws-addressing was:RelatesTo, which has the same value with the request's MessageID (so that the recepient of the callback can correlate the

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Source: Steve's blog

Hohpe's Enterprise Integration Patterns

The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle Service Bus

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