Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekly Status report template

Progress this week (planned & actual begin/end/duration)
• Unplanned activities this week (begin/end/duration)
• Pending: planned this week but not yet completed (and the reason e.g. dependencies to previous not-yet-solved bugs, coding which is not finished yet)
• Planned activities next week (with priority lists)
• Change requests (e.g. requirement change/additional requirements)
Issues (new issues, pending issues/bugs with severity lists, dependencies, roadblocks,  ESCALATION) and risks e.g. unavailability of resources (holidays), extra resources needed, firewall adjustment by infrastructure team.
Impact to the overall delivery deadline, impact to the planning of next activities (e.g. acceptance test by users)

Remember KISS (Keep it simple) principle, you don't have to write all these items every time. Your manager has no time to read your long weekly report.

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Source: Steve's blog http://soa-java.blogspot.com

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